Attune Solutions - Logo

Attune specializes in the delivery of strategic change initiatives through effective business process management specifically for Telecom and Media Service Providers.

We have a long term experience in working with Attune Solutions. Before they decided to build a web presentation for their company, we have introduced all possible options for their needs and helped them to select the optimal solution. Customization of the chosen template was made with CSS and Adobe Flash. Since this is a second version of the website that we completed for them, currently you can see a working version of the new site on their dev subdomain.

We're also proud that their logo is our product as well. The logo plays nicely with an idea of sketching a musical instrument and it gives an impression of a laser beam pointed forward. The word "solutions" acts like a bridge, or a hand between two pieces of an "instrument", making it as a whole.


Attune Solutions International