[SEO] Remove Semalt from your data

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Dear Clients,

We would like to improve your user experience with Google Analytics by encouraging you to make a few changes within your setup.

You may have noticed a huge jump in visitors over the course of a month but unfortunately the numbers have been increased mainly by Semalt crawler. Semalt.com, and other domains using dodgy referral traffic, send bot traffic that injects the URL of domains they are looking to boost in search engines. These URLS show up in the server logs at domains they’re targeting, and if the server logs are public, Google and other search engines crawl them and give the spammy domain link credit. Having Semalt crawl your site doesn’t do any damage and their website says that they won’t distribute your information anywhere online; however, the issue here comes from the way that they have coded the crawler to act as a real visitor.


How to remove Semalt visits from your Google Analytics?

STEP 1) You can set up a Filter in Google Analytics to automatically filter out any visits from your website. Click "Admin".



STEP 2) Click on Filters under the view column.



STEP 3) Click on Create New Filter.


STEP 4) Input the following:

In case you have a hard time reading the screenshot, here are the values you’ll need to input:

Filter Name: Semalt Crawler
Filter Type: Custom Filter
Filter Field: Referral
Filter Pattern: (www.|^)semalt.com
Case Sensitive: No

The (www.|^)semalt.com is a regular expression that will filter all traffic from that domain even if it isn’t coming directly from the root domain of semalt.com. Once you have those values in, hit save and you are good to go. Be aware however that this method will not remove any data that you have in analytics already and it also doesn’t stop the crawler from accessing your site, it just won’t count any new visits from the site. Because of this, we don’t recommend to complete fighting against Semalt crawler with this action only, as the crawler can still gather and use your data as it sees fit!

For all of you that have arranged a monthly retainer for maintenance tasks could expect us to completely fix it for you, and those Clients that still didn't arrange a monthly maintenance with us may contact us directly for more information.

Best regards,
Jazz IT Team