Jasmin ZainulWhen developing a new web application or making significant changes to an existing one you may find that running your ideas by an experienced external developer will be beneficial. We can review your plans and offer advice on a consultative basis, with no pressure for a commitment contracting the development work with us. Our advice can occur remotely or in person (or a mixture of the two) depending on your location.

Jazz IT offers advice on usability of the Web Services by relying on best practices. We could discuss your requirements, clarify the scope of a project and advise on strategies for meeting those requirements.

We can work with you on your initial specification, technology decisions and wireframes - even when we will not be doing the final development. Your project can start with the benefit of our experience. If you need assistance when hiring an inhouse team for your project we can offer our expertise during the selection process to help get your team off to a great start.
Initial developers abandoned a project? Major problems causing development to stall? We can work with you to uncover the issues and plan a way forward.