Syncing Drupal with a non-Drupal platform

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One day before the Valentine's Day, another task has been successfully completed. Two way communication has been tested and verified by our client from Dubrovnik. Our Car Rental application targeted for the general public is now connected with a specialized internal non-Drupal application via XML. Many different scenarios have been covered by the automation we've built. Since it was a requirement for our client to be aware of each scenario in a real time, we used web and mobile notifications to alert them for any important event. Multiple notifications and events themselves are handled by Drupal as well as the communication with a non-Drupal platform. Security and consistency was a priority, so we're glad that we have delivered the code to our mutual satisfaction.

As always, music is the key element to keep us more focused and productive, so here's one that we used to listen during the development. Happy Valentine's! :)

What kind of music motivates you?
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Electronica, D&B
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Church, Gospel
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Soul, Blues, R&B
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Country, Folk
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Hip-Hop, Rap
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