Jazz IT is a specialist web development agency experienced in building web applications based on Open Source platforms ranging from content management frameworks and E-commerce applications that target the general public, to the in-house systems that run your business. With years of experience in Web production we are now focusing on providing Drupal related services - in other words, we use Drupal as a base framework for most of our web solutions.

Drupal is an Open Source content management platform licensed under the GPL. Equipped with a powerful blend of features, Drupal can support a variety of websites ranging from personal blogs, corporate brochures and large community-driven websites.

Who uses Drupal?

icon source: mapicons.nicolasmollet.comGovernments, Large Corporations, Small Business, Non Government Organizations - Drupal can be adapted to suit any type and size of organization or site. At last estimate over 2.1% of the Internet was powered by Drupal. There are many well known names using this platform such as The White House, French Government, Australian Prime Minister, BBC, CNN, NASA, NATO, UN, AOL, Sun Microsystems, Harvard University, Fedex, Nike, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, MTV UK, Grammy, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Mensa, McDonald's, Ubuntu, AT&T, etc.
Even IBM recommends Drupal. See this list of Drupal sites.

Drupal module development

icon source: www.notmart.orgA great analogy for Drupal can be found in The Drupal overview. In this article, building websites in Drupal is compared to using Lego in the world of toys: with Drupal you can build almost any website by combining and configuring various modules to suit your particular needs. However, sometimes you come across a need for a particular function or feature that isn't available within Drupal’s existing modules. This is when you will need the services of a Drupal module developer.

Drupal theme development

icon source: twitter.com/SalehhWhile there are many beginner solutions and off-the-shelf products, professional websites usually require the skills of a professional "themer". This is especially important whenever you want to convert a custom design into a Drupal theme, go beyond turnkey solutions, or create different layouts for different sections, individual pages or even individual users. A good themer must be a master of CSS. If you need a custom design, that goes beyond Photoshop, you will need an expert in Drupal theming, usability, information architecture, user experience and visual design.

These are some of our particular areas of expertise:
  • Web standards, general best practice
  • Drupal, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX, XML, HTML5, CSS3
  • Web application development, security, scalability
  • Content Management Platforms and E-commerce
  • Web development for mobile
  • Technology choices
  • Web marketing
  • Strategies for E-business development

Tech support and maintenance

Tech SupportWe have established an extremely functional Tech Support for our existing clients. Our clients know exactly where are we at during all phases of the project. Tracking bug reports and regular maintenance follows simple but very organized procedures. Drupal is one of the most secure web platforms that exist today and this is perhaps one of the most important features in Web Production, ranking alongside quality assurance and accessibility compliance; extremely important regardless of whether you plan to maintain your web application frequently or not. Security holes (and patches) published with each new release are vital to keeping your project alive and secure. If these are ignored or not properly attended to, these holes can be easily exploited.

Consultancy and project management

icon source: pc.de/iconsRegardless of whether your project is being developed in-house or outsourced, our team of professionals can assist you with the initial assessment and design phases through supporting the initial specification, technology decisions, and wireframe production. By leveraging our experience from large-scale international projects you can give your project an initial boost that will save your project time and future cost.

Web Shop

Sell your products and/or services through our E-commerce website. Join us and let us know about your business idea by filling out a formal request.

EstimateAs requirements are sometimes not fully transparent at the beginning of the software development cycle, continuous client involvement is therefore very important. As a result, we provide a flexible charging model. This helps when requirements are not fully known, or coming in on a more rapid or agile fashion. As an alternative to fixed quotes, we are happy to provide estimates based on our several years’ experience performing in similar projects. Contact us directly by filling out our project planner.


We enjoy dealing with complex and challenging projects. Our goal is to get more awesome and to work on fun and exciting projects - you can join us on this adventure!

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Michael StimacWhile working with Jazz IT, it has never been merely about "requirements" rather a question of "what do I want to achieve"?  What I am most impressed with is in their ability to listen and understand my needs.  At every stage in the development process, I am provided with a variety of alternative solutions which are demonstrated so that I can easily evaluate and make my decision.

Jazz IT is well rounded in its approach and provides access to the very best professionals.  We have created a highly valuable partnership which will continue to bring results.

Michael Stimac, BCom
Owner and Principal Consultant
Attune Solutions, British Virgin Islands

Michael StimacJazz IT took a basic knowledge-sharing concept we had devised, and provided a full-service, visually-appealing website environment on which our members could showcase their talents. Not only did they provide the technological know-how to build a complex platform in double-quick time, but they also furnished us with invaluable advice on business pitching, designing interfaces end to end, understanding customer feedback, and integrating the latest business and technology trends to our overall offer.

It was a pleasure to work with Jazz IT and learn from them, and I would have no hesitation in recommending them as a high-performance, risk-free addition in any business environment.

Lorcán Ó hUallacháin, BCom
Only Brilliant Ltd., Ireland

Michael O'ConnorJasmin is a professional in every sense of the word, no matter how complicated the task, Jasmin would find a way. Jasmin also goes above and beyond the call of duty to over deliver on the brief yet still manage to meet the deadline. Very highly recommended!

Michael O'Connor, BCom
Stockholder and Project Manager
SendMyPostcards Ltd., Ireland

Jasmin SabanovicI would like to thank Jasmin for all his time and patience that he had for me and my project Milenium-rent.hr. We have started working together with this website in 2008 and since then he has done more than a miracle with the project. Jasmin is more than a professional in his job, and all his ideas were more than just good.

Over the last few years our business partnership became more than that, we became very good friends and I am grateful because of that.

Jasmin Sabanovic
Owner and Director
Milenium Car Rental, Croatia

Marko ZvonoI was trying to find a company for my project Adriatic-Transfers.com for almost 2 years until I met Jasmin from Jazz IT. I can only say that that meeting was the best thing that could happen to me. Jazz IT did not only help me develop my project to the level I was going for but even much, much higher. The best thing about them is that they listen to the customer and always try to pull the best out of an idea and then they polish the idea until it becomes brilliant.

I highly recommend Jazz IT and am happy that my company is continuing to work on other projects with Jasmin and his staff.

Marko Zvono, BCom
Managing Director
Adriatic Transfers, Croatia